Stretch Tent Hire

No matter what you’re planning, there’s a stretch tent for any event.

Stretch Tents for Hire

Hire a tent for your event, rural or urban, large or small.

Stretch tents are perfect for parties, celebrations, weddings, festivals and corporate events – any occasion, in fact, where you are hosting a gathering and want to keep your guests covered. TentStyle’s stretch marquees are made using advanced manufacturing techniques which result in a revolutionary lightweight fabric which is 100% waterproof across all surfaces, seams, and gutters.

Our stretch tents for hire are made from a state-of-the-art fabric which stretches across supports to form a structure which is remarkably eye-catching and modern, as well as being durable and able to stand up to bad weather. Our extremely high quality stretch tents transform any open space into a perfect covered venue.


Why hire a stretch tent marquee?

Stretch tent hire can turn virtually any outdoor space into a fantastic spot for events of all kinds and all sizes. That includes everything from a cosy family party in the garden or upscale wedding to stage and bar cover at large music festivals.

What makes choosing a stretch tent such a great idea? The answer is that they are remarkably beautiful, flexible, and versatile. It doesn’t matter whether the ground is soft or hard or whether it is level or uneven, we have endless solutions to ensure feasibility.

Our weatherproof stretch tents are designed to keep your guests comfortable, even if it’s wet and cold or hot and dry. We offer various heating options and can fit clear walling if the weather’s wintry. If it’s a hot summer’s day, they can be fully open to ensure there’s plenty of ventilation to keep everyone cool.

Virtually all of our stretch tent set-ups are unique because every location and every event is one of a kind. Our tailored approach, with multiple options for flooring, furniture, lighting and lay-outs – even the colour of the fabric – makes each set-up unlike any other.

While rental is easier on the pocket than outright purchase, if you are a regular user of stretch marquees (for example for repeat events, wedding, hospitality venues or pubs and restaurants) you are very welcome to talk to us about buying your own stretch tent, including options on standard or bespoke sizes, fully custom fitted and even branding.

What size stretch tents can you hire?

We offer stretch tent hire in a huge variety of sizes and configurations. Rent tents as single or multiple units as well as modular combinations, giving the flexibility to meet our clients’ exact requirements. As a guide, our stretch marquees start from as small as 9m × 6m and go up to around 21m wide with a virtual limitless length. It’s not uncommon for us to hire a fully bespoke designed structure at 1,500m2 (16,000 sq ft) in size.

Why choose TentStyle?

At TentStyle, we are purely stretch tent specialists. Trading for almost 10 years, we are one of the leading suppliers in the UK. Our stretch tents are made using cutting edge technology, which represent a huge step forward on traditional PVC, old-school canvas and cotton alternatives.

Our stretch marquee rental service begins with fully understanding exactly what you require. We’ll then provide an initial quote or estimate prior to conducting a site visit to guide you through the best options. We’ll tailor your requirements in detail and give you a fully priced proposal with a schedule.

We know how important every event is to our clients, whether it’s a festival, corporate, wedding, party, sporting or charitable event. Our stretch tent expertise, exceptionally high quality product and attention to detail means you can look forward to any occasion in complete confidence.

What size of tent do I need?

As every event planner knows, you have to factor in space requirements for not only guests but also various other areas and equipment. Whether you’re planning a wedding or a week long corporate event, we’ll advise and design the correct size structure(s) required.

When you speak to us about your event, our team will discuss all your requirements in detail so that we fully understand the event. Our experience in providing stretch marquee rental for all kinds of occasions means we’ll give a fully informed view and often exceed your expectations.

How many people fit in a stretch tent?

The number of people that’ll fit into a stretch tent varies with multiple factors. For stand-up only events, allowing 0.5m2 to 1m2 of space per person is a good guide, but of course, this depends on the type of event. The numbers of people fully seated at functions such as parties and weddings to corporate events will vary depending on type of seating, entertainment areas, dance floors, stages, and reception areas.  We can provide capacity guides and floor plans to ensure you arrive at the perfect size structure.

Inside & Outside Your Tent

Our stretch marquee rental can include everything you need, from flooring & lighting to the best in furniture & bars:


We often recommend our high quality tan matting for use in our stretch tents, however, other options including carpets and hard flooring are also available.


This is where our stretch tents really come to life! We love using festoon, fairy and LED up-lighting. We have set packages available but can also put together virtually any lighting set-up you desire.


Endless options are available to match your theme. From traditional round and rectangular tables with banqueting chairs to rustic wooden furniture or even more contemporary lounge seating.

Other Essentials

Need power, heating, or lavatories for your event? We work with the best suppliers in the industry to incorporate and deliver these essential items to your event.

What colour stretch tents can you hire?

Our tents come in a range of different colours. For stretch marquee rental, beige/chino and white are the principal choices, but other colours may even be custom ordered. If you’re looking to purchase, our made-to-order, bespoke tents can be supplied in a much wider range of colours and for larger order volumes, we can even Pantone match our client’s choice of colour.

Corporate clients make full use of our bespoke stretch tent service for branded tents, including the use of brand colours, designed for repeat use at outdoor festivals, sporting events, fairs and trade shows.

How much does stretch tent hire cost?

Stretch tent hire can work out at a surprisingly low cost. Because each marquee rental is unique, we give detailed pricing for each client, taking full account of the site, the capacity required and the length of hire. Get in touch now for accurate pricing tailored to your requirements.


How long can I rent a Stretch Tent for?

We take a flexible approach to our stretch marquee rental service and are always happy to discuss individual client requirements. Many rentals cover a few days or weekend, with time allowed for installation and removal. Longer term rentals are for full weeks or longer – including seasonal hires, especially for pubs, restaurants, and venues.

We often recommend that clients who need our tents for extended periods or repeat events should consider buying a stretch tent. We offer planning and consultancy, bespoke manufacturing and full installation with rigging and training services.

What events are stretch tents for?

Stretch tents are highly effective for a huge range of events and occasions. For the consumer, we provide tents for:

For business and organisations, our tents are at the heart of:


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