Let us answer some of your questions here:


Q. Do your tents have sides or walls and what if the weather is very bad?

A. Yes, the fabric itself acts as the wall. We often pull at least one side of the tent to the ground to create a backdrop and shelter but we can totally enclose a structure by pulling all the sides to the ground. By adding door systems and side skirting, we can make it totally weatherproof.

Q. How much do they cost to hire or buy?

A. For hire purposes, this is very dependant on the size of structure, the location and complexity of the set-up. Some of our smaller tents can be hired from as little as £750+vat. When purchasing a bespoke tent, pricing is dependant on numerous factors so we’ll need to know full details of the project before quoting.

Q. How long do they take to install?

A. Our small stretch tents can go up in as little as an hour or two with just a few crew but large scale projects can take a whole day or more. We will usually allow a full day when putting together a medium to large structure with flooring, lighting and furniture.

Q. What colours do they come in?

A. We stock a variety of colours such as beige, white, grey and red but for bespoke tents we can supply many other colours. We can even manufacture in any colour on larger bespoke tents.

Q. What sizes do you do and how large can they go?

A. We have a wide variety of sizes for hire and due to the modular nature of our structures, we can create endless set-up configurations. We can go up to around 20m to 25m in width and the length is limitless.

Q. What flooring do you offer?

A. Tan or black dandy dura matting is the most popular choice for our tents but carpet and hard flooring are also available.

Q. Can the tents be attached to buildings?

A. Yes, we often attached them to building and other features such as trees. With bespoke installations, we almost always installing off walls and buildings using anchors such as eye bolts and more permanent anchor plates.

Q. Can they be set-up on uneven ground?

A. Yes, no problem. Because of their nature, they do not need a flat, level surface. If you’re having furniture inside the tent, of course, we’d recommend as level a finish as possible.

Q. Can they be set-up on hard standing?

A. Yes. Depending on the site conditions, we can use either concrete or water weights, ground anchors or a combination of these. The tension on the guy ropes is very high and therefore we alway use one tonne weights.

Q. Do you hire and install lighting?

A. Yes, we have various lighting options and frequently use festoon, fairy and LED up-lighting but we can offer more complex and sophisticated lighting tailored to your requirements.

Q. Do you hire other equipment such as furniture?

A. Yes, we offer virtually any furniture you desire and as we work closely with some of the best suppliers in the industry, we can offer you other essentials such as lavatories and power.