Stretch Tents

Unique Stretch Tents for your event, home or business

What is a Stretch Tent?

Created in South Africa, stretch tents are lightweight structures consisting of a revolutionary composite material that is 100% waterproof and highly versatile.

They can be erected on uneven ground, attached to buildings, even over garden features and vegetation. Since their introduction to the UK, stretch tents have quickly evolved to become a top choice for a wide variety of events. They’re modern, atmospheric and have the ability to conform to virtually any setting. Being totally weatherproof, the uniquely designed fabric, seams, and gutter systems stretch in all directions to remain fully waterproof.

Passionate About Stretch Tents

We have a passion for creating stunning outdoor events and bespoke installations using our extraordinary stretch tents!

Exceptional Tents

Our stretch tents are the exciting alternative to more traditional marquees. We create an exclusive indoor-outdoor experience by moulding the structures around the landscape. They are truly outstanding and extremely high quality products.

Outstanding Service

The success we enjoy stems from both the excellence of our tents and the service that our clients have come to enjoy time and time again. We strive to offer the most personal service possible to our clients, as we fully understand the complexities and trust required to ensure a special, memorable occasion. From garden parties and corporate events to weddings and festivals, we have a vast range of sizes, configurations, and colours to meet your needs.

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Five Benefits of a Stretch Tent

100% Weatherproof

Our Stretch Tent fabric remains totally waterproof while stretched. Advanced manufacturing techniques guarantee watertight seams. With the ability to pull the sides of the tent down to the ground and the use of walling and door systems, we can create fully enclosed structures for the harshest of weather.

Fire Retardant

Our Stretch Tent fabric is fire-resistant and is 100% compliant with UK fire safety regulations.


Using specially developed gutter systems, we can connect our stretch tents together, enabling us to create virtually any sized structure with endless configurations.

Fully Bespoke

We can manufacture virtually any size, shape, or colour stretch tent and even have your logo or brand printed onto the fabric. So no matter what your brief, we’ll almost always have a solution.

Town or Country

Stretch tents can be themed in countless ways, and their ability to adapt to their surroundings is extraordinary. Equally suited to rustic, country weddings through to slick, urban corporate events.

What does a Stretch Tent look like?

The tightly stretched fabric in our stretch tents gives them a very sleek, modern appearance. They look superb in any setting, from the grounds of country houses and open festival fields, to being rigged off buildings in urban city centres. The looks stay just as impressive when our they are used for months at a time in pubs and restaurants.

Inspired by tents used under desert skies, stretch tents have something of an exotic atmosphere, which can be dialled up with decorations and fittings. You can achieve whatever mood you want in a stretch tent.

What are Stretch Tents used for?

Stretch tents have an almost infinite range of uses from vast coverage at festivals, striking corporate and live events, through to intimate weddings and outside cover for pubs and restaurant gardens. Whether you need to cover thousands of guests or have a select 50 for an intimate function, we can supply a stretch tent that’s perfect for you.

Festivals, Fairs, Bars, and Business Shows

We supply large scale stretch tents for food and drink festivals, for stage, bar, and food areas. We provide covered spaces for trade stalls, enabling visitors to comfortably flow between concessions at festivals and fairs. For music festivals and concerts, our tents offer tremendous space for stage, seating, and sound equipment so that performers and audience can enjoy the entertainment on offer to the full.

Business clients use our stretch tents for a professional presence for product launches, exhibition stands, presentations, family days and corporate hospitality at sporting events. They are also a favourite of event organisers for ticketed Summer and Winter Balls.

Private Occasions

Stretch tents are particularly fantastic for private events and parties such as weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. They offer so much flexibility that you can have all the space you want for a formal drinks reception, dining, dancing and relaxing in endless configurations and theming.

Large stretch tent with lighting and tables
Inside a summer wedding stretch tent

How do Stretch Tents work?

Stretch tents are inspired by traditional Bedouin tents. Bedouin tribes could erect and take down these structures easily as part of nomadic desert life.

Like Bedouin tents, they are based on large pieces of fabric draped over supporting poles. But that’s where the similarities end.


High performance, revolutionary new fabric

Stretch tents use a revolutionary fabric which is fully waterproof when stretched and complies with UK fire safety standards. The fabric is extremely strong and durable but also lightweight, which makes it easier to transport and erect.


Any configuration

The fabric is an elastomer, which means that it stretches. It can be manufactured in a huge range of sizes. Advanced joining methods and guttering systems allow sections of the fabric to be seamlessly connected so that our stretch tents can be set up in almost any configuration and virtually any size.

We rig our stretch tents using high grade aluminium poles with rubber tops and feet, stainless steel fittings and high quality rigging. The result is a robust, high tension structure, capable of withstanding very harsh weather.


Any location

Field, woodland, garden or on hard standing, we can build a stretch tent that’s exactly right for you. The versatility of stretch tents allows us to rig them on sloping sites, across garden borders, attached to buildings, on hard standing and even over obstacles like pools and water features.

Should I Rent or Buy?

Renting a stretch tent certainly makes sense for one-off occasions, but for repeat or extended uses, buying can work out as the better option. We are always on hand to advise you on whether you should hire or buy.

Are Stretch Tents Waterproof?

The stretched fabric won’t let a drop of rain seep through, nor will the gutter systems and seams. The sides can be kept open for warmer days or rigged fully closed with walling to keep out chilly winds and bad weather.

What Sizes Do They Come In?

Our hire stretch tents start at 9m × 6m and go up to widths of around 21m in virtually any length. We can also combine tents to create tailor-made configurations. When purchasing a fully bespoke tent for semi-permanent cover, sizing and shape becomes virtually endless, using curves and cut-outs to fit a specific site.

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