Festival Stretch Tents – An Exciting Alternative to Festival Marquee Hire

We work with festival organisers to supply and install anything from a single Stretch Tent for a bar, up to 4000 square metres plus of tent across multiple structures.

We are trusted by festival organisers large and small, to install quality tent structures for their events

With a reputation built on trust, quality, and affordability, we’re dedicated to providing a 5-star service to every client.

  • Transform a festival or event area with our luxurious festival marquees
  • Enhance any outdoor event with multi-configuration, stylish Stretch Tents
  • Create an intimate atmosphere and provide extra protection from the weather
  • Be confident of quality and safety by working with experienced professionals for your event

Stretch Tent Marquees for Festivals

Bring your festival to life with TentStyle’s Stretch Tent marquees. We use innovative materials that are lightweight, yet robust and durable, designed to provide shelter and protection from the elements. The tents are easy to set up, and flexible and adaptable to various conditions, making them an ideal choice for festivals.

Professional Team and Quality Service

Our team of marquee experts provide a quality service for your festival or outdoor event. We provide professional setup and dismantling services, as well as on-site assistance. Our team of professionals are here to ensure that your event goes smoothly, offering top-tier customer service and quality assurance.

Festival Marquee Health and Safety

Any festival organiser must be critically aware of health and safety issues, which is why some of the largest festivals in the country have chosen TentStyle to manage their marquee hire. Festivals can throw up plenty of risks, and thorough risk assessments will highlight the hazards which may arise at your event. We help you find the right approach to keep everyone on site safer and demonstrate that organisers are fulfilling their legal obligations.

We’ll Help Make Your Festival a Success

With TentStyle, you can be confident in our ability to handle any type of installation, big or small. With nearly a decade of experience installing Stretch Tent marquees for festival and outdoor event organisers, we know how adapt to your bespoke requirements.

If you’re not sure what you want or need, our team is here to guide you through the process and help you create the perfect setup.

For those who know what they want, simply send us your requirements. We’re equipped and ready to provide you with the specific sized festival marquee tents you need for stages, bars, VIP areas and more.

No matter the size of your event, our professional team knows how to make it a success. We’ve successfully installed tents of 4000 square metres across 20 different structures for a single event with ease and efficiency.

Wondering what size festival marquee you need?

As a rule of thumb when planning the size of marquee you will need for your festival or outdoor event, you should think in terms of 1 person per m2 for a standing only event where everyone has a comfortable amount of space. Our hire tents go up to around 21m wide by any length you like, so for an audience area for 500 people, you would need a marquee around 24m in length plus around 10m for the stage area. We have produced bespoke tents in various sizes, up to 1500m2 which is ample space for 1000 festival goers, as well as a stage and bar area.

Contact us today to discuss your festival needs and let us help you bring your vision to life.


Festivals We’ve Helped Bring to Life

Tentstyle has had the pleasure of working with some fantastic festivals and events. From the internationally acclaimed Black Deer gathering of Americana and Nashville stars, to the vibrant Love Supreme and One Out festivals, we’ve helped bring these events to life with stunning Stretch Tent marquee installations.

Some of the festivals we’ve partnered with include:

  • Beat and Track Festival
  • Black Deer Festival
  • Country File Live
  • Foodiefest
  • Exhale Festival
  • Love Supreme Festival
  • One Out Festival
  • Pub in the Park
  • The Wine Festival

No matter the size or scale of your festival or event, Tentstyle has the experience and expertise to deliver successful, stress-free tent installation. Contact us today to learn how we can help take the pressure off one part of your event organisation to-do list.

Why Organisers Love Our Festival Stretch Tents

TentStyle has supplied Stretch Tents at Black Deer Festival since we started, thoroughly recommend them, great tents, service and prices!” – Julie Gaskell, October 2022

“Fantastic experience working with Nicki and the team to provide the main event tent for our small music festival, Minifest. Extremely professional team with strong focus on Health and Safety – essential considering the gale force winds we faced on the weekend. Also supported our last minute requests for heaters, tables and chairs. They’re now a core partner for Minifest. Strongly recommended” – Simon Nelson, August 2023

Why are Stretch Tent Marquees Great for Festivals?

Stretch tent marquees are a fantastic way to add flair and fun to any festival. These flexible, waterproof structures create the perfect atmosphere for any outdoor event – from small, intimate gatherings to huge festivals with thousands of people.

Stretch tents are extremely versatile: they can be installed in various different shapes and sizes, easily conforming to suit all kinds of ground surfaces and environments. Plus, they provide ample amounts of shelter and shade, meaning guests at your festival will stay comfortable all day long – no matter what the weather has in store.

Festival marquees for any site
Old style tents and marquees come in a limited range of fixed sizes, determined by the dimensions of the frame, and it’s tricky, if not impossible, to combine traditional tents with each other.

The rigid frames of traditional marquees mean they don’t work on uneven or sloping sites. It’s also all but impossible to work around obstacles including any shrubs, borders, walls and other structures.

By contrast, Stretch Tents are free-flowing structures supported on a flexible arrangement of poles. The size of the fabric used dictates the size of each individual tent, but we seamlessly join sections together in virtually any shape. As a result, you can cover as much space as you like. Stretch Tents can be arranged in an infinite variety of configurations of lengths and widths, as well as in regular and irregular shapes.

Staying dry and warm
Our weatherproof Stretch Tents are made from a revolutionary lightweight fabric that has proved its worth on sites across the world. It is 100% waterproof, including at all the seams and joins in any configuration. We provide side walls and entrances which keep bad weather out.

Keeping cool
The fabric and space inside our tents let air circulate more freely than in clammy canvas or PVC marquees. That keeps performers, audiences, and guests much more comfortable and able to enjoy the entertainment. We can also talk to you about providing extra ventilation and temperature control.

Festival atmosphere
Getting the vibe right is a must for a fantastic festival. Our Stretch Tents look beautiful on the outside and are just as exciting once you’re inside. You can use lighting, decorations, and furniture to create whatever atmosphere you want, whether you want your event to feel exotic, edgy, rustic or anything else.

Easier installation, less disruption
The lightweight fabric and flexibility of arranging the supporting poles and guy ropes make our Stretch Tents faster and simpler to put up than traditional marquees. That means less time on site for our erection crew and less disruption for festival organisers.

Uses for Stretch Tents at Festivals

If you’re a dab hand at running a festival, you know what you need tents for. But for those in the throngs of organising their first festival, working out what is needed can be tricky.

From the festivals we have partnered with, we have found they use Stretch Tent structures for stages, audiences, bars, dance floors, performers, backstage areas, etc. When you’re planning a festival and looking at what type of Stretch tent marquee you need, our Stretch Tents can ensure you have the right space for everything you need.

Stage area
You need enough space for bands to strut their stuff and entertain to the full. There has to be room for all instruments, including drum kits, and for amps, microphones, speakers and any other on-stage technology.

Offstage controls
Depending on what your performers need, you may have to provide space for a mixing desk and light controls, together with enough space for an operator.

Audience area
How many people are coming to your festival? The audience area has to be big enough to allow everyone in, with enough space to see the stage and move around. If it’s a standing only event, planning is simpler, less so if there’s any seating. You may also need to consider space for wheelchair users.

Dance floor
Are you going to include somewhere to boogie? A dance area can make a gig even more of a fun event. To help everyone to make the best moves, some form of solid flooring is worth investigating.

Bar/food area
A great bar is a key part of festival fun. You need to decide on the right size of bar, with enough access for festival goers and enough room for bar staff, including ways of bringing in stock. If food is to be available, is it cold and/or hot? Either way you’ll need space for cleaning equipment and waste bins, ideally split between recyclable and recyclable waste.

VIP lounge
VIP areas are a feature of festivals, and are usually provided for performers, organisers, sponsors, as well as anyone who has paid for a VIP ticket. Lounges can help keep VIPs happy and allow for extra touches of luxury for the lucky few.

Brand Stalls
Tents can also be needed for everything from ticketing to sponsors’ tents and shopping for festival goods and memorabilia, as well as food, drink and any other goods available on site. Financing a festival can depend on renting space to retailers and service providers. Our smaller Stretch Tents can be perfect for festival stalls, either hired from us or supplied in bespoke, branded form.

Customising Your Festival Tent

Depending on the site for your festival tent, you might be able to manage without any additional flooring. However, anywhere without a cover of some kind can get churned up and slippery, especially if it’s raining outside the tent. We generally advise using matting or other kinds of festival-friendly flooring.

When it comes to creating an atmosphere when the sun goes down, lighting is key. Spots of intense light give focus to any area, and coloured lights add extra glitz. Lighting can be as subtle or as dramatic as you like, and controls give you the opportunity to change the mood to suit the time of the evening and on-stage performances.

Bespoke branding/colour choices
For festival marquee hire, we offer tents in white or beige/chino, but if you are in the market for ordering a bespoke tent the choices are limitless and can include your brand colours. We can also include text and graphics to give your festival marquee a strong and memorable identity.

Bespoke tents usually only make sense when they are going to be re-used either at the same location or moved around to different sites, which, thanks to our lightweight materials, is easily done. Our Stretch Tents are made to last and can be used for many years to come.

Passionate About Stretch Tents

At TentStyle, we’re passionate about top quality Stretch Tents, and about providing a 5-star service to our clients. That’s as true of what we do for festivals as it is for weddings, private parties and all the other celebrations and events where we have built up our reputation for reliability, quality, and value.


Whether you are looking to enhance your customer experience, or drive additional  revenue with increased capacity, our team is on hand to give you the best advice when it comes to installing a Stretch Tent at your venue. 

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