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Tips When Organising a Safe Outdoor Music Festival

The coronavirus pandemic that started in March 2020 has put much of the globe under lockdown for a long time. As people emerge from the aftermath, artists and concert planners learned that it is better to be prepared for anything than never to get the chance to perform at all.  At present, outdoor performances are still the only option for many music fans who have yet to be immunised. Some music fans are organising their outdoor concerts in light of the recent pandemic-induced live performance shortage.  What precautions should you take if you decide to hold a concert? This guide will help you stay healthy during your show and enjoy it as much as possible.

8 Health Pointers to Remember

1. Ensure Ventilation

Be sure that the area is well-ventilated. A large stretch tent is perhaps the best option if performing outdoors. This will allow you to position a fan directly in front of the stage; do not let the audience stand in front of the stage if you use an open-air setup.

2. Keep Social Distance

Even if everyone is immunised, take standard precautions. Do not come in direct contact with the other people in attendance. You can ask the attendees to keep each other at arm’s length, as well. Come out of the crowd and talk to the audience or gather around the stage.

3. Practice Good Hygiene and Health Etiquette

Don’t sneeze or cough on other people. Keep your hands away from your mouth and nose and wash them after sneezing. Try to stay in a well-ventilated area. If the music is too loud for you, be sure to wear earplugs. Don’t drink alcohol at the concert if you’re planning to drive.

4. Clean Up and Throw Away All Waste

Clean up all the garbage. This is already a common practice at outdoor performances, but it’s even more critical now. There is no telling what kind of germs or viruses might be in the garbage. Be sure to ask your attendees to throw away their rubbish in special containers and bags and then disinfect the receptacles after everyone has left.

5. Provide Handwashing and Bathroom Stations

Ensure you have the appropriate handwashing stations, including soap, towels, a towel dispenser, a wastebasket and a sink. Make sure the sinks are clean and well-maintained. Make certain the handwashing stations are well-ventilated. Ensure you have enough bathroom facilities or portable facilities. Make sure they are clean and well-ventilated. If possible, have someone check the bathrooms periodically during the concert.

6. Have a Medical Clinic On-Site

If you do not have a clinic on-site, arrange to have paramedics and a medical van nearby. Have a first aid kit ready. If you have a stage, set up a medical station there.

7. Keep the Event Small

Make sure to keep the event small. Limit the number of attendees. This will prevent the spread of germs and reduce the risk of infection for everyone. You should probably also meet with a few representatives of the artist’s fanbase and have them sign waivers.

8. Contact Local Officials

Get in touch with the local authorities if you plan to organise a concert. Let them know you will be drawing many people to a specific area and see if you can get any support from them. Do not over-exert yourself in planning and organising an outdoor music festival. Take your time and do it properly. Ensure that you have the necessary staff and equipment. Do not try to outdo a production as large as a Super Bowl halftime show or an outdoor concert by any big-name acts. Do your best, but keep it within reasonable limits.  Do you need to hire a stretch tent in West Sussex? Tentstyle provides stretch tent solutions for homes and commercial organisations in the UK. Whatever event you’re organising, there’s a stretch tent for it. We provide custom stretch tents throughout the southeast of England and beyond. We love producing magnificent outdoor events and customised installations using our unique tents! Contact us now!