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The Different Types of Patio Cover to Style Your Home

The Different Types of Patio Cover to Style Your Home

When the sun shines too brightly or the temperature soars, it’s nice to have a way to enjoy the outdoors without being in the direct sun. That’s where umbrellas, awnings, sails, and other shading solutions come in to save the day—and your skin. When the weather is warm, uncovered outdoor spaces are not enjoyable because the sun is too hot. The only way to use the deck or patio is to have something that will block the sun. Patio and deck coverings come in a variety of styles and materials. The kind you choose should complement your home’s design, and the material should be durable and easy to maintain.  Here is a list of common patio cover types to enhance the look and feel of your home.


You don’t need a complicated, expensive shading system to create simple sail-like shades. With a few posts, wires and fabric will do the trick and be much more affordable. This is a great way to shade your patio. When choosing a cloth for your shade, make sure it is pitched properly to allow rainwater to fall off. Without the pitch, rainwater can accumulate on the cloth sail and stretch or ruin the material. Pitching the cloth also prevents the weight of the water from causing the shade system to collapse. Make it so the fabric canopy can be easily taken down and stored for the winter, especially in areas with ice and snow.


A contemporary pergola with a lattice-like roof is a great way to add extra shade and style to your backyard. This type of pergola is usually made with thinner, more rectangular pieces of wood and can be made from various materials. However, using a durable wood like cedar or redwood will help this structure last for many years. Many homeowners’ favourite outside wood to use, especially when it weathers to a beautiful silvery grey, is teak. They usually don’t mind sanding and varnishing it every few years. Adding a quaint fabric to your lattice structure will add flexibility to shading control as well as enhance its overall aesthetics.


A standard pergola is a type of garden structure that consists of columns supporting a roof of rafters and purlins. Pergolas are usually freestanding and can be used to create a shaded outdoor seating area or walkway. Just keep in mind that building a shed can be a great addition to your property,  even though it can be expensive. You can expect to spend at least a few thousand dollars on a shed, and you will likely need a permit to build it.


It is no secret that trees provide the best natural canopy for a patio or deck area. Deciduous trees are especially good at providing shade in the summer when it is most needed. As the summer starts to end, these trees begin to lose their leaves, providing more sun in the winter. The cyclical pattern of a deciduous tree is one of nature’s gifts.


A freestanding umbrella is the simplest type of patio or deck cover. Whether you use it with a table or chair, it can provide shade and make your outdoor space more cheerful with its colour and zest. It’s also convenient to be able to move the umbrella to block the sun from any direction. While a traditional umbrella may provide years of use, an LED umbrella can give even more enjoyment of your outdoor space by adding a touch of light to the area. Not to mention, they can be found for a reasonable price, making them a great addition to any outdoor space. Depending on your needs and budget, there are many types of patio covers to choose from. If you need protection from the sun or rain, you can opt for a solid roof cover. If you want a cover that will allow you to enjoy your surroundings, a lattice or pergola-style cover may be a better option. Consider the materials that will work best in your climate and the look you want to achieve before making your final decision. Are you on the lookout for tents for sale in the UK? Check out Tentstyle. We offer stretch tents for homes and businesses. Talk to us today!