Hospitality Tents For Pubs, Restaurants & Hotels

Instantly add capacity, increase revenue and enhance your beer garden or al-fresco dining experience with a stretch tent marquee for your pub garden or restaurant

Transform your venue’s outdoor space with a Stretch Tent canopy

As Stretch Tent specialists, we have been installing Stretch Tent marquees in cafes, hotels, bars, pubs and restaurants for approaching a decade. We’ve worked with all kinds of venues in a wide variety of sites, helping these hospitality businesses to thrive. 

As well as helping you to make your outside space somewhere your customers will love to come at any time of year, we know how to make the most of the space you have to maximise the additional capacity, ensuring your canopy delivers a strong return on investment.  


How will your venue benefit from a stretch tent marquee? 

Some of the reasons our hospitality clients love our stretch tent marquees:

Increased capacity 

With a custom-made, covered outdoor space, your venue can accommodate more customers and, therefore, increase revenue potential. 

Year-round use 

Our durable structures can withstand harsh UK weather conditions, allowing for year round use of your outdoor area. 

Unique appeal  

A striking and beautiful covered outdoor area adds a unique and aesthetically-pleasing touch to your venue, attracting new and existing customers. 

Low maintenance  

Your pub garden canopy stretch tent will require minimal upkeep, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business. 


Investing in a durable and long-lasting outdoor stretch tent canopy reduces the need for constant repairs and replacements, often needed with cheaper framed tent structures. 

Purchase or seasonal hire for your beer garden canopy

We offer a range of purchase and hire options to suit your needs, from short-term rental for one-off events, to longer-term seasonal hires or outright purchase for a semi permanent structure.  

Semi-Permanent Stretch Tents  

With a minimum lifespan of 8-10 years, the majority of our commercial clients opt to purchase their Stretch Tent as a long-lasting investment. During the ordering process,  we will advise on your Stretch Tent dimensions and configuration based on the size of your outside space and the extra capacity you would like to meet. We often manufacture the tent to your specifications, enabling you to choose the fabric colour and for extra impact, opening options for branding. Finally, we will usually fully manage the installation of your tent at your venue or deliver and provide rigging training should you opt to manage yourself. To keep the Stretch Tent in tip-top condition, many of our clients within our radius will opt for our maintenance package, where we fully manage the canopy including rigging, de-rigging, storage and cleaning.  

Long-term hire  

If you are not ready to buy an outside canopy for your venue just yet, we also offer long-term hire options and seasonal hires for semi-permanent Stretch Tent marquee structures. Please ask our team for more information.

Fully Managed Marquee Maintenance  

Many of our hospitality clients make use of our maintenance package meaning we fully manage your Stretch Tent installation as the seasons change. We will dismantle, clean,  store and reinstall your marquee whenever you need us to, ensuring your marquee is always in top condition. 

Hospitality venues are increasing their revenue  potential with TentStyle Stretch Tents 

“We bought a tent 2 years ago to use for outdoor events and weddings at our restaurant. It’s been amazing, and we used it as an outdoor bar during the summer months. Gives our place an awesome  festival vibe and has resisted all weather!”  – Ynyshir, Michelin Star restaurant in mid-Wales

“Nick and the team at Tentstyle did an excellent job in installing our tent at Staverton Nursery. It has proved to be an excellent investment and meant that Dan, AKA Spade and Spoon, could carry on serving our customers with food throughout lockdown. Well done Tentstyle.”  – Staverton Nursery, East Sussex 

Transform your outside area with a Stretch Tent canopy 

Our marquees are the perfect investment for any hospitality venue, providing a unique outside space that can be used all year round.  

We only manufacture and supply the highest quality Stretch Tents that have been proven as a long-lasting investment for pubs, cafes, hotels, bars and restaurants across the country. 

Wind-resistant rated  

Designed to cope in high winds, our Stretch Tents are able to withstand the harshest of  UK weather. 

Durable construction 

Constructed with the most durable, top-rated materials, our Stretch Tents provide a  long-lasting investment with a lifespan of at least 8-10 years. 


Get your perfect fit and style with custom manufacturing. Although we can offer standard sizing, we often custom manufacture our Stretch Tents to fit the site.  

Venue vibes  

Create a unique atmosphere and comfortable space for your customers with a cool outside area, seamlessly integrating your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Stretch Tents from TentStyle  

Here at Tentstyle, we pride ourselves in taking full account of what every individual client wants to achieve, whilst providing the necessary advice they need when planning to cover the outside area.  

We consistently deliver on time and install Stretch Tents efficiently with minimum fuss and disruption. 

  • Suitable for any size pub garden 
  • Installation on flat, sloping and stepped areas 
  • Can be set up around borders, shrubs and garden features 
  • Expert, quick installation and removal 
  • Completely customisable 
  • Long-term hire or buy options
  • Free advice available from our expert team

Maximise the capacity of your outside space

Our Stretch Tents can provide the extra space you need, no matter the size of your outdoor area.  

Our long term hire tent range starts from as small as 50m2 which can accommodate up to 50 seats or 90 standing customers. We offer tents as large as 21m wide that can be joined together to cover virtually any length.  

For custom orders, we can deliver tents up to 1,500m2 – ensuring that we can  cater to any venue size.  

Let us help you find the perfect tent to enhance your outside space.


Whether you are looking to enhance your customer experience, or drive additional  revenue with increased capacity, our team is on hand to give you the best advice when it comes to installing a Stretch Tent at your venue. 

Please send us your contact details we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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How to create an amazing pub garden space

Every pub with outside space can benefit from an extremely stylish Stretch Tent. More space means you can attract more customers, without having to invest in expensive building works. That’s good news if you want extra room at busy times or if you want to set up an extra bar or food service area during peak summer months.  

You can also use the extra space for showing sports and live events on big screens,  parties, music gigs, small festivals or other events. You’ll enable a multitude of options for configuring seating, laying down different flooring types and, of course, creating sophisticated lighting themes within the tent.  

To keep the bad weather out, we can install tents with walls and door systems. You can also explore heating options to keep customers comfortable when the temperature drops.

Do Stretch Tents work in any space?

Stretch Tents offer so much flexibility in terms of shape and size. Installing a structure in a rectangular site is relatively straightforward but we can supply tents in almost any size for virtually any area.  

We install tents in irregular spaces featuring challenges such as curves, ‘L’  shapes, dog legs, corridors and areas of complex sizing. We can link membranes together with waterproof guttering, whilst positioning poles and rigging components to suit the site. We can even rig tents against walls, over features such as borders,  shrubs and water features. 

Our tents work on level ground, and even over slopes and steps. Compared to rigid frame marquees, there’s almost no limit to the options. 

Is it best to rent or buy a pub garden tent?

For events over 2 – 6 weeks, hire can work out very well. Financially, the advantage of renting is that there is less capital outlay, meaning you can have a marquee for the duration of your event without having to make a significant upfront investment. 

When it comes to use over longer periods or requiring cover over multiple seasons,  buying a Stretch Tent marquee makes far greater sense. The advantage of buying a  Stretch Tent is that it becomes a semi-permanent feature of your premises and your customers will appreciate it in situ to be enjoyed throughout the seasons.  

You can choose a bespoke tent in a range of colours and look at branding options. Our Stretch Tents can be easily taken down at the end of a season, cleaned,  stored and then re-installed the following season. Buying a Stretch Tent can be an extremely lucrative investment for your business. 

You can even opt for our fully managed solution, which includes storage, maintenance,  and cleaning (if located in our region; generally South East England and home counties ). Our fully managed solution takes the hassle out of owning a marquee,  allowing you to focus on running your business. 

At TentStyle, we understand that every client is unique and we encourage you to contact us to discuss your specific requirements. Our team of experts will be happy to talk through the options to find the right solution for you.

What do pub garden marquee tents cost?

The costs of hiring or buying a Stretch Tent generally correlates to size, complexity of configuration and hardware requirements, therefore, pricing is very much on a case-by-case basis. You should also factor in the costs of furnishing, décor, lighting any heating solutions. Please do speak with us about your project and we’ll be happy to advise some initial estimate costings. 

One strong advantage with our tents is that there’s no (or very minor) building works involved so they are always a far less expensive option compared to a fixed building.  Hiring can be a sensible way of testing how much benefit you get from a pub garden  Stretch Tent, then if the numbers look good, you might be minded to buy one.

Do pubs need planning permission for a marquee?

Following Covid, the government relaxed the rules on marquees or moveable structures for pubs, restaurants and other hospitality locations. The main restrictions are that the structure needs to be moveable (such as a Stretch Tent, marquee or canopy) that can be taken down or for the structure to be on wheels. 

For larger structures, the requirement for planning permission for a marquee at a pub can vary depending on several factors, including local regulations, the size of the marquee and the duration of its use. If the marquee exceeds the permitted development criteria or if it is intended for long-term or permanent use, then planning permission may be required. 

To avoid potential issues or penalties, it is always advisable for business owners and managers to consult with the local planning authority or seek legal advice to determine the specific requirements in their area. Obtaining the necessary permissions ensures that the business operates within the legal framework and maintains a harmonious relationship with the local community and authorities.