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Our event tents are excellent for hosting corporate events and parties. We have partnered with businesses across the country to deliver events of professionalism and grandeur.

Whatever size your event needs to fill, our stylish and practical corporate marquees can accommodate, ensuring the occasion is both memorable and fun.


What makes a great corporate event?

A great corporate event encapsulates the values of the company hosting it. It should reflect the best parts of the business, and be a true indication of how they want others to perceive them.

The event should be professional, smart, and, above all else, value quality over quantity. Never settle for second best.

Bring your event together with our excellent corporate marquee hire. Set the bar high and host an occasion that guests will praise indefinitely.

The benefits of corporate marquee hire

  • Tailored for you — our event tents can be customised to fit the style of your event. Looking for a professional setting that you can host for clients to attend? Or perhaps an in-house only event to celebrate the achievements of your team? Whatever the occasion, we can fit your brief.
  • Flexibility — depending on size and shape you are looking for, we can scale our product to the number of attendees you plan on hosting for.
  • Aesthetic — by choosing one of our stylish corporate marquees, you can create a truly professional and compelling setting for your event. We are renowned for our top of the line stretch tents, prioritising quality above all else.

What type of corporate events are stretch tents good for?

Our event tents are ideal for any gathering, making an impact on employees, coworkers, or business partners. We have collaborated with numerous organisations to provide corporate marquees for the following:

  • Business fairs
  • Corporate conferences
  • Hospitality
  • Product launches
  • Exhibitions
  • Training
  • Awards evenings
  • Corporate balls
  • Recruitment fairs
  • Seasonal dinners

Events from all sectors

Our corporate marquee hire is perfect for events from all industries. Whether you are in recruitment, hospitality, education, or something else entirely, we can adapt to meet your vision. We have a fantastic track record of partnering with corporate clients to help host their successful events — whatever your niche, we can help.

What size event tent do I need?

As a rule of thumb, when planning the size of event tent you will need, you should think in terms of 1 person per metre square for a standing only event where everyone has a comfortable amount of space.

If you require a stage area for events like awards ceremonies or product launches, you will need to consider between 8-12 metres square for the stage area too. We have bespoke event tents in various sizes, ranging up to 1500 metres squared for 1000 attendees, including a stage and bar area.

For exhibitions, you need to consider how many stands the tent will hold, alongside accommodating for the space guests need to move between them. When planning is in the early stages, we always assess the needs of your event alongside providing adequate room for guests.

Here’s what our customers think

“From start to finish Tentstyle was excellent; the options, answering questions, the set-up team and all in between. Thank you to Tentstyle for a fabulous stretch tent!” Lucy French

“We were so impressed with Tentstyle from the word go. Nicki couldn’t have been more helpful working out what we needed and the team putting it up were great. The tent was fantastic, just what we were looking for and great quality. It looked amazing with all the lights and created a wonderful atmosphere. Couldn’t have been happier — would definitely use them again!” N. Athron

“The whole team and set up was very professional, clearly communicating what they were going to do and were mindful of any requests we had — even including some last minute additional requests once the marquee was actually set up. We loved using them and would highly recommend them to anyone else!” Jeremy Marchant

How much does corporate marquee hire cost?

It is hard to put a universal price on our corporate marquee hire. Every event is different with specific requirements. For example, one event tent will need an area for a stage, encompassing rows of seats in front of it. Another may need a dance floor with a bar, requiring more open space. These configurations are endless.

We assess all of your needs from the initial enquiry stage, ensuring we adequately cover the vision for your event to create a package that works for you. Contact us today, and we will get back to you within 1–2 days.

Your successful event starts here

At TentStyle, our goal is always to give customers the best possible service, elevating their event and creating long-lasting memories to cherish. We are known for delivering professional and stylistic stretch tents for all manner of events.


Whether you are looking to enhance the experience of your guests, or create a long-lasting impression on potential clients, our expert team is on hand to give you the best advice when it comes to corporate marquee hire.

Please send us your contact details, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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