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Effective Tips on Planning Your Perfect Tent Wedding

Outdoor weddings are lovely any time of year. Because of their popularity, many weddings take place in and around tents to take advantage of the great outdoor spaces available while still enjoying the comforts of feeling like you’re still indoors. Read on as we discuss tips on planning a dreamy tent wedding.

Choosing a Venue

Before booking a tent, you should decide on your wedding location. It will allow you to determine the best way to use the tent. You can set up wedding tents almost anywhere, so it makes sense to choose your venue or location first. If you are unsure whether a space can accommodate a specific type of tent, you can consult with the venue or tent provider for guidance.

Picking a Tent Type

Wedding tents are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate small, medium, and large gatherings. Depending on your needs, you may want to use a single large tent or a mixture of tents for your wedding.  Stretch tents are an extremely popular choice for many couples and wedding planners. They offer versatility and style, and their material can be stretched to form sides or pushed up to leave tents open or with peaks, giving an elegant shape to a wedding tent. You can place these tents almost anywhere, from rooftops to open parks, securing them so that they remain in place even in windy conditions. They’re ideal for large gatherings like wedding receptions or covered seating areas for ceremonies. The tent’s open sides also allow your guests to take in the breathtaking scenery of your wedding venue.

Acquiring Your Wedding Tent

1. Drop by the Location 

The first step is for your tent supplier to pay a visit to the venue. Each tent rig is tailored to the space and its intended use.  A site visit will be necessary for the team to determine their recommendations based on your requirements. This could be the point at which you start thinking about different types of tents and tent combinations for your wedding.

2. Create the Design

The wedding tent team will design and recommend rigging for your wedding. It can include details about how your wedding tent’s lighting and audio equipment will be powered. In many cases, the tent supplier will also add a drawing to assist you in visualising the finished product better.

3. Book the Delivery and Removal of the Tent

After you have approved a design, you will need to reserve the date and time for your wedding tent’s delivery and removal. The rigging engineers will install the rig and other items for your ceremony and celebration. Removing the tent can be at the end of your wedding day or the following day, depending on how you intend to use the space.

4. Set Up Your Wedding Tent 

The rigging engineers should arrive first to ensure everything is set up and secure before any catering staff or decorators start working. Your wedding planner must also be present when your tent is set up.  If there are any issues, the tent team should immediately be available to make changes before your event. The process of planning a wedding tent should be simple as long as you hire the expertise of tent suppliers who will help you realise your dream wedding tent. They will also assist you with choosing the best colours, lighting, seating, and special touches for your wedding. If you are planning to buy stretch tents, check out Tentstyle. Based in West Sussex, we offer stretch tent solutions for home, hire, and business. Talk to us today!