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5 Benefits of Renting Event Tents For the Wedding Reception

For most people, weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events that require careful planning and execution. Couples now prefer to take their weddings outdoors instead of the conventional approach in closed-door venues. Therefore, it’s vital to add a bit of flair to the reception by adding tents that also doubles as the guests’ protection from environmental factors such as extreme sunlight or unforeseen rain. But how else do people benefit from renting custom stretch tents for their wedding venues?

1. Protects Guest From the Weather

A stretch tent can protect your guests from the elements. If you’re hosting your wedding in a park or a location near a beach, the tent can shield the guests from unexpected rain. Furthermore, the tent is one of the most effective ways of blocking the heat of the sun or any harsh sunlight if you’re having your wedding in the evening. These tents come with high-quality materials ideal for weddings, festivals, corporate events, and other celebrations. They start as nylon fabrics and other synthetic materials. Their sturdy materials allow them to stand firm in harsh weather conditions.

2. Adds Decoration to Venues

Custom stretch tents have several built-in features that make them ideal for wedding venues. They can hold lighting fixtures and other equipment, providing the platform with a more festive and enchanting look. Furthermore, many couples look for more spacious venues than small and enclosed ones, so they choose to hold their weddings in open areas instead. To transform the area into the ideal wedding venue, you can use custom stretch tents. Organisers can set them up in the venue with little to no effort. They’re easy to move, so you will be able to cover up the area if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

3. Cost-Efficient Addition to a Reception

Due to how much money you spend on the wedding, using a stretch tent to jazz up a venue helps in reducing the costs a bit. They are an affordable addition to a reception, especially if you’re hosting your reception outdoors. Unlike indoor tents, these tents only need to be set up one time, while they can be used repeatedly. Therefore, they are a cheap investment to protect your guests and make your wedding venue look spectacular.

4. Accommodates Several Guests

Reception tents are much bigger than standard tents, making them a great choice if you want to host many guests. Due to their large size, these tents can accommodate many wedding guests and other guests attending the ceremony and reception. Their size and numerous built-in features allow them to perform in outdoor locations, even parks and beaches. Additionally, their materials will enable them to withstand harsh weather conditions so that these tents can still perform regardless of the season.

5. Allows Options For Various Needs

There are several styles, colours, and designs to pick from when looking for custom stretch tents. You can decide whether to go with a traditional tent-style or a futuristic tent with a unique design. Some people prefer to add different lighting to the tent for night events. If you want to add a bit of colour to the area, you can also add colour-coordinated draperies to the tent. Surprisingly, you can have a unique wedding venue with just the addition of custom stretch tents. As a result, many couples are opting to have their weddings in wide-open spaces instead of in venues that can only accommodate a few guests. The addition of a stretch tent to your wedding venue also acts as a fantastic show-stopper during the event. Many people will be amazed to see that you have a large tent covering up the area you’re holding the reception. Tentstyle offers a wide range of event tents for hire, available for various occasions. We also provide custom stretch tents for special events like weddings depending on the clients’ needs. For more information, check out our collection of tents for sale in the UK through our website today.