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Stretch Tents vs. Marquees: What Are Their Differences?

If you are organising a big outdoor event, you need a structure that can encompass your venue and keep your guests warm and dry in case of inclement weather. Many event organisers make use of tents. There are various kinds of very large tents you can use, and each of them come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. To narrow down your choice, you can look at high-quality marquee and stretch tents. Read on to learn more about these two types of tents that are perfect for your next event.

What Are Stretch Tents?

Stretch tents are free-form fabric structures erected under tension. The tent is made from a square or rectangle piece of specialised fabric rigged by poles of various heights pegged into place. After these poles are removed, the specialised material automatically recovers its original shape, making this tent the most versatile option for you.

What Are Marquees?

Marquee tents are made from roof canopies supported by tall centre poles and are tensioned using side lines secured by smaller poles and stakes driven into the ground.

What are the Differences between Stretch Tents and Marquees?

How can you choose between marquees and stretch tents? Here are the distinct differences you should think about.

1. Aesthetics

When you use stretch tents, it gives a striking statement. Since they are more customisable, you can get them in any colour of your choice so that they will match your event aesthetic well. For instance, you can go for lush greens if your event theme is related to the environment, or you can go for something white for a wedding. On the other hand, marquees are more appropriate for last-minute outdoor space needs. Admittedly, many marquee designs look outdated compared to a stretch tent if you put them side by side.

2. Flexibility

Using marquee tents will be appropriate if you need a rigid structure to help you avoid the surrounding environment. On the other hand, stretch tents are the perfect pick if you need something you can mould to the surroundings through rope attachments or stretching the canopy over different objects.

3. Space

The difference is stark when it comes to space. Marquee tents can take up a lot of space, while stretch tents blend into the venue and become one with the area. This is mainly because marquees use poles to be held up.

4. Weather Performance

Weather is the enemy of outdoor events. It’s impossible to predict, but when it hits, you can’t avoid the impossible nightmare it comes with. If you use a marquee, you have to be ready to face the problem of gaps in the fabric and how it can lead to a waterfall in case it rains heavily. On the other hand, stretch tents don’t have gaps at all, so you can keep guests cosy and dry and minimise possible leakage.

Final Thoughts 

Marquees and stretch tents are good options for special events and various functions. However, stretch tents are more modern and practical because they are more customisable and are sure to protect all the guests in the event of inclement weather. If you are looking for stretch tents for sale in the UK, you can get yours at Tentstyle. We are passionate about creating unique outdoor events and bespoke installations through the beautiful tents we make. Our stretch tents are 100% weatherproof, modular, fire retardant, and fully customisable. Contact us today to learn more.