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3 Reasons Stretch Tents Are the Best for Events

After practising social distancing and getting stuck at home for the recent months, it’s only natural to crave the great outdoors and break free from the cabin fever by throwing a marquee event! Whether it’s set in a magical garden filled with lush and vibrant greenery or by the sandy ocean-side where you can embrace the salty breeze, setting up an event tent is the first step to throwing a winning nature-driven party. Marquee tents have always been the go-to choice, but stretch tents are steadily stealing the spotlight as it proves to offer greater flexibility, customisation, and style variety, all within a friendly price range. So if you’re wondering whether you should buy a traditional marquee tent or opt for a stretch tent, the list below explores how stretch tents enable you to set up bedouin-inspired environments with the latter choice! 

What Makes Stretch Tents Better for Outdoor Events? 

Benefit #1: Stretch Tents Look Stylish 

Marquee tents often look the same with their boxy structure, but the flexible nature of stretch tents give you more room to play around with their style. You can manipulate stretch tents according to the look you desire for the event and create captivating shapes, allowing you to elevate your hilltop scenery into a magical space for parties. Taking cues from bedouin designs, stretch tents can also complement the freeform beauty of nature as it sits against an evergreen backdrop. 

Benefit #2: Stretch Tents can be Set Up Anywhere 

Marquee tents need a certain ground level to ensure the pegs and poles can sit upright, but stretch tents can be stable no matter where you put them, thanks to their flexible fabric. Engineered to match any kind of terrain, stretch tents can keep your heads dry whether it rain, shines, or hails. 

Benefit #3: Stretch Tents are Waterproof, UV Resistant, and Fire Retardant

You don’t need to run indoors when the weather tries to rain on your parade, as stretch tents are 100 per cent waterproof! Aside from successfully keeping you dry, the advanced flex fabrics of stretch tents are also UV resistant and fire retardant, which means they can withstand whatever challenges nature has to offer. 

The Bottom Line: The Wonders of Stretch Tents for Fun-Filled Outdoor Events

Stretch tents can take whatever form you need to build your outdoor space, making their customisability one of the most attractive features as it gives you the creative freedom to set up in different styles, sizes, or shapes. Whether you’re throwing outdoor weddings, festivals, or concerts, the modular nature of stretch tents make it the perfect free form fabric for any kind of alfresco activity. 

Are You Looking for Stretch Tent for Sale in the UK?

Throwing a marquees event is a thrilling way to enjoy the great outdoors, but why not take the experience to the next level by going for custom stretch tents? With the help of Tentstyle, we can transform your outdoor events by adding bespoke installations of our tailor-made stretch tents. Get in touch with us to see how our weatherproof, fire retardant, modular, and uniquely designed tents can elevate your marquee experience!