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A Guide on Planning a Garden Party for Your Children

Kids have a lot of energy, and they often run around when playing with each other. This makes kids’ parties can be stressful to plan because you have to consider their playing and energy. This is why garden parties for kids are ideal.

Planning a Garden Party for Kids

How do you plan a garden party for kids? There are a lot of things to consider when planning a garden party, from the theme to the activities and even the food. Check out our list below to make sure you have a great garden party for your kids.

1. Selecting a Theme

For a garden party, you can do a lot of themes. You can make it a tea party, fairy party, pool party, or anything you want. Just try to avoid overly complicated themes that would take a lot of time to plan. Ideally, choose themes that would use a lot of colours and designs because this would look beautiful in the eyes of kids.

2. Setting Up Decorations

When choosing decorations for the party, it’s always better to make your own instead of buying. Try to recycle materials that you already have to avoid unnecessary spending. Make sure that the decorations that you are making match the theme of your party. Make them colourful and fun but also avoid having decorations that could hurt them, such as decorations with pointy edges.

3. Planning Activities

Your party would be nothing without activities. Plan activities ahead of time so you can prepare any necessary props that you will need for it. Have a variation of activities from active games like musical chairs to more mellow activities like finger painting. Prepare prizes for the kids to encourage them to join and make sure that they all have fun while staying safe during the games.

4. Preparing Entertainment

Kids’ parties shouldn’t be all about games. Rather, there also needs to be some entertainment. You can hire entertainers like clowns, magicians, or balloon animal artists. These types of entertainment are something that the kids would enjoy because of all the visuals that they could bring. They will see how colourful and gorgeous the results are, and it is something they would enjoy.

5. Creating Invites

Make the party more official by creating invites for the guests. Have the invitations match the theme of the party, and you can even send a little souvenir along with it. You can get your kids to help you decorate the invitations and make it a whole fun activity. This way each guest can get a more personalised invite.

6. Preparing the Food

Make sure to prepare a wide variety of foods for both the kids and their guardians. Try to avoid common allergens, and if you can, get in touch with their parents to see if the children have specific allergies. Prepare common food that kids would enjoy like sandwiches, chicken, chips, candy and more. For the adults, you can have some pasta, a salad bar and more.

Getting Ready to Party

Planning a kids’ party can be stressful, but it is all worth it when we see our kids have fun. Make sure to follow our guide above so that you don’t miss anything and your kids get an excellent party. Looking for a garden stretch tent for your kids’ party? Hire one from us at Tentstyle. Stylish tents for affordable prices and made for all events. Book a tent from Tentstyle today.