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4 Tips on How to Conduct Outdoor Events Despite A Bad Weather

4 Tips on How to Conduct Outdoor Events Despite A Bad Weather

Regardless of whether it’s a festival, a fundraiser, or a fun run, you’ll know that the weather heavily influences the success of an outdoor event. Even arranging your event during the warmer months is no guarantee regarding the fickle British weather.  However, with appropriate planning (just like using an event tent hire), you can have an outdoor celebration that will be enjoyable for all of your guests, rain or shine. Going outside this year, in particular, is a terrific method to ensure that your event isn’t cancelled due to changes in regulations.  Read on for more tips on executing your outdoor event successfully despite bad weather. You can also find in this blog where to go for a stretch tent hire or find stretch tents for sale in the UK

Have A Backup Plan

Even the most high-profile event can be utterly derailed by bad weather, so it’s a good idea to prepare a backup plan with the expectation that it would be used as a last resort. If your event is centred on outdoor activities, consider organising alternate entertainment choices to keep attendees entertained even if blue skies aren’t in the forecast—as well as renting temporary pavilions or marquees to provide shade and serve as rain events locations.  Portable outdoor flooring can help people avoid getting stuck in the mud at festivals and other events when moving between outdoor areas. This could increase your overall budget. However, if you put your rain contingency plan into the ticket price from the beginning, you can keep your profits while accounting for any weather surprises.

Know Where You’ll Be Holding Your Outside Event

Knowing your site is ideal isn’t enough to avoid any operational concerns leading up to or on the big day—especially when the unpredictable weather is factored in. Plan out where the various components of the event will take place, where hired vendors or paid exhibitors will set up shop, and how any necessary equipment will be delivered onto the site to ensure that your outdoor event runs successfully. It’s also critical that everyone at the event, including personnel and attendees, knows where everything is. Keeping attendees flowing around your event will be easier if you give maps or signposts and ensure all of your major areas are identified. If the weather turns against you unexpectedly, it will help reduce crowds and bustle as people get out of the rain. Outside the venue, outdoor event planners will benefit from understanding the surrounding area as much as possible.  You may fine-tune the circumstances of your event and avoid weather-related disruptions by marking sheltered sites where you can shift your equipment in the rain or investing in event tent hire in notoriously breezy areas.

Provide Basic Necessities

While facilities may appear to have a little role in the success of an event when compared to features such as entertainment and catering, event planners should always prioritise the comfort and convenience of attendees. Even though rain might put a damper on an event, it’s also crucial to have a strategy in place for hot weather. Make sure you have everything you’ll need to accommodate attendees in every weather, from waterproof shawls and blankets to handheld fans and sunscreen. Ample seating is also recommended (depending on the nature of the event), proper sanitation facilities are a must, and spectators will appreciate a shaded area where they can continue to enjoy the event if it rains.

Follow All Health and Safety Procedures

Every event organiser’s toolkit should include risk assessments and an adverse weather policy. When preparing for any event—especially outdoors—health and safety considerations are critical. It will help if you put protocols in place so that hazardous events can be dealt with quickly, no matter how unlikely. At the very least, have first-aid kits available, as well as for instructions to the nearest hospitals.  In bad weather, it’s a good idea to have extra medical facilities on hand. This is especially true at larger events, such as sporting events, where more people will need medical attention.

An Event Tent Hire Can Help You Beat the Bad Weather 

When planning outdoor events, dealing with and preparing for adverse weather is unavoidable. Even if the conditions, location, and time of year are all in your favour, there’s still a danger that bad weather can ruin your event. To beat the bad weather and execute your event successfully, it’s best to seek an event tent hire.  Tentstyle is a firm in West Sussex that creates personalised stretch tents for people across the UK. We are passionate about creating stunning outdoor events and bespoke installations using our amazing event tent hire! If you want to rent or buy tents, please contact us immediately!