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Engagement Party

How to Plan a Great Engagement Party within a Budget

Getting engaged is such an exciting and emotional moment in a couple’s life. And naturally, you’d want to celebrate this milestone with your loved ones by throwing an engagement party.  While an engagement party is not as expensive as the actual wedding, it can still be quite pricey. And some couples that are saving up for their wedding may want to limit the spending allocated for the engagement party. But just because you have a strict budget doesn’t mean your engagement party has to be a dud. You can still throw an amazing engagement party while staying within budget.

Keep the Guest List Short

While you would want to invite every single person from your family and friends, remember that the purpose of an engagement party is to celebrate the engagement of the couple, not the wedding. So, keep the guest list short. Invite only the couple’s closest friends and family. If you still want to celebrate the engagement of the couple with more people, hold a bigger party after a few months.

Rely on Your Own Talents

An engagement party is a good opportunity to show off your cooking skills! You can really save on your budget by using your culinary skills to prepare some dishes and snacks for your guests. The cake is a must-have item for every engagement party. But if you think a cake from a bakery will break your budget, you can do it yourself. There are plenty of cake decorating tutorials on the internet to help you and your friends put together an amazing-looking cake.

Use Your Garden as the Venue

Just like the size of the guest list, you can also keep the venue within your budget by hosting the party in your house or in your garden. If you have a spacious garden, you can put up an open tent for everyone to have a sit or even set up some tables, chairs and decorations. For the decoration, you can ask your friends to help you out. You can also borrow some props from the party rental agencies. Another cheaper alternative is to hold the party in your house, but you can still make the engagement party look nice and festive by using exciting party decorations.

Stick to a Simple Bar Menu

Most engagement parties are hosted at night, so you’d want to serve your guests a drink. But if you are not a big fan of spending money on alcohol, you can make the most of the BYOB (bring your own booze) policy by asking your guests to bring their own drinks. You can also put up a simple bar menu. When coming up with a bar menu, you don’t have to serve alcohol to guests. You can also provide drinks that go well with food. For example, you can serve lemonade and iced tea.

Host An Amazing Budget Friendly Engagement Party 

Hosting a great engagement party doesn’t have to be a struggle with a tight budget. You can still have a fabulous engagement party full of fun, excitement and laughter by sticking to the tips above. Get a garden stretch tent for your engagement party from Tentsyle. Our tents are brilliant for birthday parties, weddings, corporate events and festivals. We go further than just supplying and installing the tent. We provide consultations and site assessments with advice on configurations and layout options to ensure your event goes to plan no matter what the season. Get in touch with us today!