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Common Questions About Stretch Tent Hire for Your Events

Celebrations can be so much fun even outside of the holiday season, and these next few weeks may likely involve several parties and get-togethers. However, before you look forward to drinking with loved ones and exchanging presents, there’s quite a bit of planning that you need to think about first. The venue is a fundamental point that any event plan should have, as it asks the significant question of where the whole event will take place. One wrong answer can make the event a downer, so it’s ideal to find the right place. If you’re seeking some flexibility to have the event anywhere while keeping things glam, a stretch tent may just be the best solution for you. Keep reading to learn more.

What Are Stretch Tents?

Stretch tents are a tool that is able to emulate the grandeur of a traditional or frame marquee in providing a roof over the venue. However, what makes it different is that there aren’t any frames or poles like a regular event tent. The sides of it are more or less open for ventilation. The portability that stretch tents provide can be rather attractive too. If you’re having a garden party this Christmas and you want to choose a little corner of the yard area over another, moving and setting up a stretch tent just before the event is completely doable.

How Do You Get Stretch Tents?

Stretch tents are suitable for just about any event, bringing all the advantages of a marquee without its downsides. Many are looking to buy one and use it, but hiring a team and renting the tent out is much simpler. Stretch tent hire is a much more preferred way than sourcing such a tent and using it for just one get-together. Aside from that practicality, there’s also convenience; getting and setting up a stretch tent can be quite a bit of work, so allow experts to take that task off your hands instead.

Are Stretch Tents Good for Your Event?

If you’re trying to check whether stretch tents are suitable or even ideal for your event, try to assess what your needs are for the venue. The compatibility can truly depend on the rest of the plan. If you’re looking for something that will contribute to the outdoor gathering style without worrying about getting a traditional marquee, stretch tents are the best alternative. 

Are Stretch Tents Safe Enough for Your Event?

Any host who’s hoping to get a stretch tent will wonder how it will fair with the unruly weather of the UK. Luckily, the material of these tents is quite watertight and durable. The fabric and the seams can withstand rain, snow, and more. Plus, if you want to change up the location to a spot with less disturbance, just work things out with your stretch tent hire provider.

Are Stretch Tents Big Enough for Your Event?

Stretch tents come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Although it isn’t encouraged to have any big gatherings that have up to 100 or more people at the moment, some tents are able to house a venue for 200. If you’re planning for an event of that calibre, be sure to consult your stretch tent hire on the size and reserve it right away. Regardless of the celebration, stretch tents will definitely be a good option to consider. Its structure is perfect this season, so be sure to make arrangements and get the best venue that will surely delight your guests. In need of stretch tent hire near West Sussex? Tentstyle offers stretch tent solutions for residences and commercial businesses in the UK. Get in touch with us today!