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Stretch Tent Hire 101: How to Find the Right Event Tent

Stretch Tent Hire 101: How to Find the Right Event Tent

One of your most important factors is the stretch tent hire when planning an outdoor party or special event. Thankfully, you’re reading this article, which will walk you through everything you need to know about procuring the perfect tent for your special occasion, including varieties, sizing calculations, accessories (both necessary and optional), temperature-regulating features, and more!

Why Even Bother?

So you can avoid these two words: Murphy’s law. If you have an outdoor wedding reception, you need to have a backup indoor location for your venue because rain will ruin your plans for an outdoor party.  Even if it doesn’t rain, the heat can be unbearable. Instead of renting out a banquet hall, rent a tent to hold the party in a garden or a meaningful location, like your grandparent’s farm.  But if you plan to use the stretch tent hire only during inclement weather, you still need to size and price it out ahead of time — two days before your event is not enough!

What’s the Right Size?

Finally, a good use for your algebra, geometry, and trigonometry lessons, yeah? And you thought math was invented to make your life harder!  The number one question anybody planning an event with a stretch tent hire is, “How big of a tent do I need?” You can’t seriously begin to price out tent rentals before you figure out the size you need, and the layperson just isn’t going to be able to eyeball it. Most tent-rental companies carry 10′ x 10′ models and up in 10′ increments. The largest selection can be found in that range, but don’t be intimidated; the greatest advantage about having a wedding (or party) inside a tent instead of inside a building is the option to build a space that works for you. Here’s how you can compute the right tent size:
  • First, finalise the guest count: If your event has one hundred and fifty guests, you will need eighteen round tables that seat eight. You will need one thousand square feet to seat your guests at round tables or eighty square feet for long tables.
  • Next, factor in the entourage: Are you placing the entourage at a long table? If so, you need more room. Add up the number of people you want sitting there (including the bride and groom) and divide it by four. That’s the number of eight-foot tables you need to form the head table. You need room behind those tables to let people get in and out and 300 square feet in front of the tables to create the proper setup.
  • Then, consider the buffet: Allow enough space for the buffet area: I need a 10′ x 10′ area for each eight-foot buffet table. Chances are, the caterers will let me know how many buffet tables I need for my party, but if not, this rule of thumb can help.
  • Afterwards, factor in the extras: Do you plan to use a stage or a dance floor in your tent? Both of these take up space, so you need more than the apparent area of these items. Give it at least a size 16 times larger; for a dance floor, you’ll need at least an area 10 times larger. For example, if I plan to use a 12’ x 12’ dance floor, I’d give it an area of 160 square feet.
Then, you’ve just to add up the total area before getting the final size of your stretch tent hire! Now you just need to find a supplier! Where do you find them? Your caterer will usually have recommendations, or you could search the Internet for “tent company + your area.” Be sure to ask people you know and check online reviews to know who’s good in your area. Get your next stretch tent hire from Tentstyle! We provide tent solutions for homes, businesses, and other locations throughout West Sussex! Get more tips on our website today!