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4 Reasons Why Renting a Tent Can Make Outdoor Parties Better

It’s always fun to find or discover new ways to throw a party. Since outdoor parties have become a hit recently, upgrading the experience by providing attendees with an area to socialise should make the occasion the ultimate game-changer. Renting tents, famous for being used outdoors, is a quirky yet effective way to spice up an outdoor party. They are practical tools to make people appreciate nature while trying to make friends with everybody.  On top of that, it’s also a cheaper option than renting tables and chairs, which complete the usual party setup. But why is hiring tents an excellent way to make outdoor parties better?

1. You Achieve Peace of Mind

Anything can happen outdoors—including unexpected weather changes that can ruin the mood altogether. The usual party setup only includes tables and chairs, which are not the best at protecting party-goers from impending rain or storms. However, providing guests with their tents should give them something over their heads to shield themselves. Stretch tents are ideal to use in outdoor parties due to their material. Made out of waterproof fabric, they should be good enough to protect people from unexpected rains. Meanwhile, having a specialised mat as a base should further lessen the chances of people getting wet from the rain.

2. You Acquire Better Privacy

Outdoor spaces, unless situated in a backyard, provide access from the public. Therefore, if you’re someone who still values privacy even in a public space, renting a stretch tent should be a great solution to maintain privacy while still staying in public.  There are tents large enough to fit tables, chairs, and a few people while keeping non-invited guests out of sight. As a result, outdoor parties can happen as planned without having nosey neighbours or random passersby peeking in the event.

3. You Maintain Organisation

Aside from thorough planning, hiring tents should dictate how an outdoor party becomes organised. The tents for rent usually come in various shapes and sizes, making them ideal for creating a sense of orderliness in the party venue itself.  For example, each tent could dictate which area of party it is. One tent can act as the dancefloor, another can become the place where guests can get their drinks, and another can become the place to sit down and relax for a while.

4. You Can Have Customisation Options

Renting a custom stretch tent offers various options for people regarding what they prefer for the party. For example, if the party requires a different-coloured canopy, then people throwing the party can request something other than the standard tent colours.  Meanwhile, people can add a string of lights to illuminate the venue for parties held at night, making it easier for guests to navigate the place even in the dark.


Before renting a stretch tent for an outdoor event, it’s crucial to consider factors like size, colour, and material before picking the best tent for the party. First, count the number of party attendees and think about how many people can only fit in a standard tent. Next, consider the colour if the party follows a specific theme. If it’s a casual night out, it’s best to go with earth tones for a more neutral look. Meanwhile, if it’s a sophisticated event, using darker colours should immediately make the party look extra fancy. Lastly, the material is also essential as it determines how protected the guests will be during an unexpected rainfall during an event. Tenstyle offers the best stretch tents in the UK. Our stretch tents are for rent, suitable for rural and urban outdoor events. For clients needing a more specified tent, we also offer custom stretch tents for hire. Inquire today and check out the best tents for your preference!