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Event Set-up 101: Factors in Choosing the Right Tent

There is a lot that goes into planning a successful event, especially if you’ll have an outdoor setting. You have so many more considerations in terms of budget, accommodating people, and accounting for the weather. When you hit that point where you need to rent or buy tents for your event, it’s essential to take some factors into consideration.


Before making out your plans and solidifying your mood, it’s best to set your budget. Most of this needs to be allocated to practical considerations, such as the tents you’ll be using. Consider this when picking your tent.  Make sure you choose something that doesn’t break the bank but also does the job as needed. You don’t necessarily have to scrimp to the point of settling with poorly made tents, either. There are many options that can be elevated when set up and decorated properly. It’s also best to think about the labour costs of putting up the tent and taking it down unless you choose to handle this yourself. 

Seasonal Use

Think about the weather when picking your tent. You need something that will adequately protect your attendees and also keep them comfortable. Certain tents come with provisions to add more coverage if you don’t want a full-coverage gazebo or canopy tent.  You may want to consider tents that are more adaptable so that you can make things cosier and closed in as needed but also open it up when things get too cramped. Whether the space is sunny, snowy, or rainy should have a lot of bearing on how you set things up. 

Aesthetic Flexibility

Sure, you may want to have all the razzle and dazzle from the first impression. However, it’s best for a tent to work with any theme or decorative style. This way, you have more freedom to make changes without worrying that it will suddenly clash with the backbone of everything (which is, of course, the tent itself).  How you dress up and accessorise your tent will mostly be what defines the atmosphere that it will establish. So, you should be safer with a neutral-toned tent with little to no patterns of the sort. 

Venue Appropriateness

Of course, you need to think about where you’ll actually be setting up. How big is the space available to you? What are the means of accessibility within the area? How many people do you expect to come?  In general, a stretch tent is a good bet because it uses free-standing poles and very stretchy material. This means you can have more freedom with the shape and space that your tent takes up. Since you can determine it yourself, it also hits the other points you need to consider, like capacity, weather, and decorative flexibility.

Final Thoughts

How you set up the space can dictate the entire ambience of the occasion. From the moment guests or attendees arrive, their perception is immediately skewed by the visual impact you provide. Because there are surprisingly many options when it comes to tents, these factors should help you narrow down the right choice for your event. If you’re in need of an event tent for hire, Tentstyle has solutions for home, hiring, and business. Send an enquiry to our West Sussex space and make your event unforgettable. Contact us today!