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Outdoor Essentials: 5 Practical Benefits of Stretch Tents

When tents are brought up in a conversation, chances are, the first thing that comes to people’s minds is camping. However, tents are also used in a non-camping setting, such as outdoor events. In a more general sense, stretch tents are better than marquees because of various reasons. The primary reason stretch tents are preferred in outdoor functions is that they offer better flexibility, which gives many options for various configurations. Standard marquee tents consist of a roof canopy with tall poles as supports and sidelines held by stakes driven to the ground. On the other hand, stretch tents are fabrics with a free-form structure that allows them to stretch in different directions. Similar to marquee tents, poles are also used to erect stretch tents—the only difference is that they retain their original shape once the poles are removed. There are other reasons why stretch tents are preferred by many people, which we will discuss in this article. Read on below to learn more.

#1 – Adaptable to Existing Structures

Marquee tents are free-standing structures, meaning you’ll have to find an open area where you can place them without interference. On the other hand, stretch tents save you a lot of effort in erecting them because you can rig them off to existing structures such as building walls. Conversely, you can also make a fully-closed down configuration, which offers greater protection from the weather.

#2 – Not So Stuffy

When you’re under a marquee tent, have you ever felt hot? It’s contradicting when a tent feels hot when it’s supposed to provide shade, right? With stretch tents, you won’t have this problem because the fabric is more breathable, which allows for a more comfortable feeling when you’re under one.

#3 – Smaller When Packed

Marquee tents take up a significant amount of space outdoors, so naturally, they take up a lot of space in storage—not to mention the poles used to erect them. Stretch tents, on the other hand, are relatively smaller because they can fit in a bag. The same goes for the tent poles because they can break down to 2m and 1.5m lengths, and they can also fit in a bag specially designed for them.

#4 – Requires Fewer People for Setup

The next best thing is that the people needed to erect a stretch tent doesn’t have to be many. Unlike marquee tents, which can take an hour to set, thus requiring the effort of many people, stretch tents are easier to configure because they’re user-friendly. In some cases, an experienced tent rigger can do everything on their own.

#5 – They’re Easier to Set Up

On the subject of setting up a stretch tent, it’s relatively more straightforward. While setting a stretch tent up can take some time, the process is made easier because they come in different sizes and colours that can be easily pieced together, even for the inexperienced tent rigger. For this reason stretch tents have become something of a niche market in the events planning industry. You don’t even need to have that big of an open area because you can erect a stretch tent in your own backyard, which brings the party to you.


Stretch tents are arguably better than marquee tents simply because of their versatility. The next time you’re having an outdoor event, you’d do well to install a stretch tent to save up time and effort, allowing you to direct a larger amount of focus to the event itself. If you’re looking for custom stretch tents in the UK, Tentstyle has got your back! We offer tent installation services for any outdoor occasion, including a wedding, party, or musical event. Contact us today to learn more!