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How to Organise a Successful Tent Event in the Winter

Tent events are wonderful to have since they let you enjoy the outdoor venue without having to worry about the weather. However, when your tent event is set during the winter, there is another issue you need to face: the cold.  But that does not mean you can no longer hold tent events during the winter. You can still enjoy the allure of a tent venue even during the colder months. All you need to do is follow these helpful tips.

Invest in Good Heating

The cold does not stop people from attending events. It is only uncomfortable to be outside. Thus, you should still have your event since you are ensured that you will have a good turnout if you have a good weather forecast. You can make sure that your guests stay warm by investing in good heating systems. You can choose from the following options:

1. Space Heating Systems 

You can choose a space heating system that is made to fit the tent venue. Such systems are efficient since they help circulate the air inside the tent venue, which makes the tent feel warmer.

2. Portable Heaters 

Portable heaters are easy to operate since they are battery-operated or can be plugged into a power supply. If you have a confined tent venue, you can opt for a portable heater. If you have a tent venue that only covers a small space, it is better to go for a fan heater. When using a heater in the tent venue, you should not just put it in the middle of the tent. Make sure to turn on the heater before the guests arrive, and the guests will not be affected by the heat.

Choose the Right Food

Tent events during the winter tend to be longer. Thus, you need to cook food that will keep your guests warm. You can use pots and pans that work well with the heat of the portable heater. If you are eating with your guests, you can still enjoy the food as you are kept warm.

Be Ready for Snow

Winter events can be fun and exciting. However, you should always prepare for the worst. Prepare for possible snowfall or icy roads. If you have a tent event outside, you can opt to have a tent that can withstand the weather and still give the same feel as an indoor venue.

Connect the Tent to a Building

Having your tent event outdoors is great if you stay ready for the worst. If you have a small tent venue, you may have temperatures that are not as cold as it is outside. However, if you have a large tent venue, then you need a backup plan. You can connect the tent to a nearby building. Connecting the tent to a structure that is near a heater can help circulate the air inside the tent. This can help you keep the tent warm during the entire event. A tent event during the winter is not impossible to do. As long as you follow the right tips, you can keep the guests comfortable and warm. Also, the right tent venue can be a great help, especially if you plan to stay outdoors. Host the perfect tent event with the help of Tentstyle. We are a West Sussex-based business that provides various custom stretch tents for people in the UK. We have a passion for creating stunning outdoor events and bespoke installations using our extraordinary tents! Get in touch with us today!