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Getting a Rooftop Stretch Tent? Check Out These Tips First!

Compared with other options such as frame tents, rooftop stretch tents offer a lot of flexibility and the ability to create a cozy space with a partial view of the surrounding area. This is great for any number of occasions, including cocktail parties to corporate events. As the name suggests, a rooftop stretch tent is a kind of tent that’s generally used on rooftops and stretched out to provide maximum coverage. Rooftop bars and restaurants often make use of them. In some cases, they’re even used as shade for pools on roof decks. Here are some tips to getting the best rooftop stretch tent:

Check the Venue Lift’s Restrictions When It Comes to Size and Weight

Suppliers need to be able to actually bring things up. The tent kit won’t magically bring itself to the roof terrace, will it? While a staircase is usually present, it’s important to consider the safety and health of the people that will be carrying and setting up the whole kit. Nobody can possibly have an actual good time lugging a tent kit up 32 flights of stairs, if not more! Even a four to six-storey trip would be quite taxing. While figuring this out, don’t forget that poles can be transported diagonally in lifts. That’s certainly an option. It’s equally important to know how many loads the transporting process will take. This will factor into the overall time of bringing it to the site and actually getting it assembled in a timely fashion.
  • Keep the Wind in Mind

There’s a lot to be said about the wind tunnels that come about in high-rise building structures. These can be pretty strong, so it’s important to consider when the rig is being planned.
  • Make Sure There’s Building Access

Sometimes, people assume that delivery and installation are a lot like what happens when they get a new appliance or fixture. This is a much grander scale. It’s important to figure out the restrictions in terms of loading and/or unloading, work them out and communicate them to the supplier.
  • Make Sure There’s Water Sources and Disposal Drains

Water ballast containers are ideal because when empty, they’re light; on location, when filled up, they’re quite solid. Tons of water may need to be disposed of later on, so it’s key to have the proper drainage at hand for that. If that’s not an option, let the supplier know. Weighted ballasts, which are essentially made of concrete, will then have to become part of the equation. They’re generally compartmentalised but moving them is pretty complicated since they’re hefty from the get-go. When renting out or flat-out buying a rooftop stretch tent for an event or a commercial endeavour, there are many things to keep in mind. They are very flexible and create a cozy space quite easily compared to the likes of frame tents. Be sure to check the venue lift’s restrictions when it comes to size and weight, keep the wind in mind and make sure there’s building access. Trying to find a stretch tent in West Sussex? Shop at Tentstyle today! We have a variety of tents available for sale and hire. Contact us for a free initial estimate!