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5 Awesome Stretch Tent Applications You Should Know About

The humble tent has gone through a serious evolution. Gone are the days when a tent’s only purpose is providing shelter when you are braving the great outdoors. Today, stretch tents have become an essential tool in making any outdoor space functional and beautiful. Be it custom stretch tents or ready-made ones for hire, here are some stretch tent applications that you may enjoy.

Small Private Events at Home

Having parties at home is great. You know exactly where everything is and have everything you need at your fingertips. However, if your indoor space is tight, you and your guests may not enjoy the party as much. A garden stretch tent is ideal when you want to expand your available entertaining space for a private party. Stretch tents can mould to fit between existing trees or other structures in your yard, creating a canopy without buying stakes or other anchoring devices anymore.

Permanent Home Installments

Do you love the idea of indoor-outdoor living and wish to extend your living space? If this concept speaks to you, a permanent stretch tent is the solution you need. Installing a stretch tent in your backyard is like adding a new addition to your home without paying much. Plus, you can add any piece of furniture you like without fear of the elements ruining them.

Instant Venue in Open Spaces

Organising events in open spaces is excellent. You do not need to worry about your guests getting cramped, and everyone, even the organising staff, can move freely. However, the problem with open spaces is they do not have roofs. What would happen to the event if the sky suddenly decided to rain on you and your guests? Stretch tents can shield your event from the sun, wind, and rain. These tents are relatively easy to install and disassemble. Furthermore, even the larger stretch tent structures that can reach up to 300m² can be folded and packed into bags you can take anywhere you like.

Urban Space Solutions

Does your café need additional outdoor space? Does your venue require a covering during the colder months? If your answer is yes to either question, you may need a stretch tent. Stretch tents can provide urban businesses with makeshift roofs that extend dining spaces. It can also give venue owners a permanent managed structure they can offer their clients.

Rooftop Events

Rooftop events can feel more open and spacious. Some rooftop venues even offer stunning city views that add a new dimension to the whole experience. But rooftop events are no fun when the wind, rain, and snow is there to disrupt the celebrations. A stretch tent can make your rooftop space weather-proof. There are many stretch tent styles available. Whether you want an open tent where guests can still see the views or a closed tent to completely shelter venue-goers, there is a stretch tent design that can suit your needs. Stretch tents are designed with durability and versatility in mind. Whether you use them for home parties or as an outdoor venue, they can be effective, eye-catching and cost-effective. While they are not as common in mainstream decorating as other tent options, they can be a great addition to your home or business. No matter the size or shape of your property, you can be sure that there is a temporary or permanent stretch tent for you. If you are looking for some of the best custom stretch tents in the UK, look no further than Tentstyle. We offer a wide array of high-quality, beautiful, and bespoke stretch tent solutions you are sure to love. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you!