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4 Tips for Weddings and Receptions in the Outdoors

4 Tips for Weddings and Receptions in the Outdoors

Any outdoor wedding is a considerable feat, and you must plan ahead of time to make it memorable. There are several things to consider, and backup plans must also be set in place in case of bad weather.  Most wedding organisers think that it’s more of a hassle to handle outdoor logistics, However, Despite the extra effort of preparing for an outdoor wedding, it can be as successful as an indoor wedding.  Here are four good tips to enable you to plan the outdoor wedding or reception you’ve always dreamed of:

1. Tent Setup

Most likely, you will have to set up your tent the day before or early on the day of the wedding. For this reason, It is better to have it up early to have time to make any adjustments before the guests arrive. Some of the main things to consider when choosing tents are the overall number of guests, the number of restrooms needed, and the size of the tent area. If you got an event tent for hire, consider how late you can keep it. It’s also wise to consider the weather. It shouldn’t be too hard because there are tents for every climate. Additionally, it would help if you also considered how to heat and cool the tent. Getting a professional event tent for hire will remove these worries from your shoulders.

2. Motif and Design

There are a lot of considerations when it comes to tent design. To make your interiors grounded, make a collection of inspirational images and choose the décor that best fits the colour and theme of your wedding. You can have a rustic design, elegant, romantic, vintage, and more. If you love nature, you can have a canopy tent or a tent with nature scenes printed on it. You can also have a single colour tent or have a variety of colours. For example, you can have a mixture of light and dark palettes or maybe have a monochromatic colour scheme. If you are going for an attractive and romantic theme, you can use flowers, garlands, and other décor items. Whatever design you choose, always consider the funds you allocated for decorations and try to achieve your dream look without going overboard.

3. Tent Flooring

You may ask if getting floors for an outdoor wedding is important. Yes, they are. You may have a portion of your outdoor venue totally open, but your tent must have flooring for the comfort of your guests.  Unless you indicated for your guests to wear flats for an au naturel garden or beach wedding, opt for tent flooring. You can choose a wooden plank floor, a carpeted floor, or even a tent with mesh floors.  Go for tent flooring that best compliments your wedding design and is able to handle the weight of the guests and equipment. 

4. Tent Lighting

Lighting is not only functional but can add so much impact to your design. Even if you are holding your wedding during the daytime you can still use lighting in the tent. This is either to ensure there is ample lighting, or simply to create highlights in your venue’s décor.  You can use wall lights, chandeliers, LED lighting for pathways, extra lights for the dance floor, and the like. While there’s plenty of options for your tent, remember that too much lighting can be a distraction. Make sure that the lighting isn’t too romantic because your guests and event servers need ample light to move around.  Remember to take natural lighting into account, so it’s best to match your tent lighting to the time of day of your event. Moreover, you can also utilise a starry sky or bright moonlight for your outdoor venue, or a fireworks display to cap the evening off. 

Make Your Outdoor Events Stand Out

Planning an outdoor wedding can be demanding, but it’s not impossible. If you can make the necessary preparations, you can succeed in having the best outdoor wedding you’ve dreamed of. As long as you consider everything and prepare accordingly, you can make the day memorable as you embark on a new chapter of your life with your significant other. For reliable event tent hire, get it at Tentstyle. Our stretch tents are a great way to cover up outside at home or at work. We’re in West Sussex to provide you with everything else you need, from flooring and furniture to lighting, bars, staging, and dance floors. Contact us today!