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Organising a Tent Party: 6 Theme Ideas Worth Trying

Organising a Tent Party: 6 Theme Ideas Worth Trying

Stretch tents are perfect for hosting all kinds of parties. They are versatile, made to be any shape, and ready to be set up anywhere. Whether holding an intimate event or a party for hundreds of people, you can get a tent appropriate for any size. Aside from their outstanding features, stretch tents can be an outlet for your creativity and become a vehicle for themed parties. Do you think themed parties are perfect for you? Here are some themes you might enjoy for your next stretch tent party.

1. Army

The army theme is the perfect option for a stretch tent if you are a military fan. You can decorate it with camouflage-themed or military-themed materials, banners and flags to make you feel like you are entering a war zone. Army-themed parties can be entertaining for younger ones. You can hold games styled like military missions that will keep them all occupied. You can bring it to the next level by thinking about where the troops will land – it can be on an island, in the desert or even a jungle camp! 

2. Carnival

Whether you are a kid or a young adult, the carnival is a theme you will never get tired of celebrating. If you are looking for a cute party theme perfect for any age group, a carnival can be just what you need. You can decorate your stretch tent marquee with many lights, posters and balloons, and choose your colours to make a fun-filled atmosphere. It also helps you decide if you will go with a theme that goes with the usual colours of a carnival or if you’ll go wild with brighter colours.

3. Circus

Take the carnival atmosphere to a new level with a circus tent party. Depending on your preference, you can have a big top tent or a flat-top one. You can hold games with a circus theme, such as a ring toss, ball toss and fire spinners. Like the carnival party, you can even have a circus performer to entertain guests. You can also hold a talent show to let your guests be the show’s stars.

4. The Great Outdoors

One of the best party themes is the great outdoors, especially if you are looking for a theme that will let you free your creativity. You can choose to go with a forest adventure or a safari-themed party. Both themes can be made with just a little bit of creativity. You can be very creative with the decorations and choose the right colours to create a party that will make your guests feel like they were in the wild.

5. Hollywood

The classic theme that never gets old is Hollywood glam. It is a theme that will make you feel like the celebrity you want to be. You can get all of your friends to dress up as movie stars and settle for classic Hollywood colours. Suppose you want to go a different route. In that case, you can have a more eccentric Hollywood-themed party, where you can also include futuristic elements and elements beyond the usual Hollywood’s colours and patterns.

6. Far Far Away

In today’s world, fairy tales are classic and go beyond just a bedtime story. With this in mind, you can hold a party themed on the classic fairy tale. You can choose either a Sleeping Beauty-themed one or something more modern, like Alice in Wonderland. You can go with a classic colour scheme or go beyond with a modern one, as long as it makes your guests remember the stories they grew up with.

Start Organizing Your Tent Party

Stretch tents are amazing, versatile and very unique. You can make a stretch tent fit any theme you want. If you plan to hold a theme party, remember to take the theme that best fits your guest list and the space where you will have the party.  Are you looking for a stretch tent hire for your party? Contact us at Tentstyle. Our tents are 100% weatherproof, fire-retardant, and entirely bespoke for the event you have in mind. Contact us to get started.