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Sizing For Buying or Hiring a Commercial Event Tent

When renting or purchasing a business frame tent, tent size is one of the most important factors. Follow the below suggestions on tent sizing, layouts, cooling, and more to aid you in your quest for the top-quality tents available today for commercial or private usage. Read on to know more about tent sizing and where you can find a tent hire: 

Tents With Widths of 30 and 40 Feet

Most mid-to large-scale private and commercial events may be accommodated by tents 30 to 40 feet wide. The ability to accommodate all of your guests within the temporary building will be critical to the success of your event. You can use the checklist below to start planning your next memorable occasion.
  • A common 30-foot-wide size for medium events is 30′ x 30′. This tent has 900 square feet of space. There is a total of ft. of covered space. The majority of layouts can accommodate 150 people standing, 113 people at a buffet, and 90 people with sitting and tables. Up to 150 people might be accommodated in a cathedral-style setting, a presentation layout with rowed seats, and similar setups.
  • Another common choice is the 40′ x 40′, used with a 40-foot-wide door. This greatly expands the room with 1600 sq. ft. of inner covered space. This space can accommodate up to 267 people standing, 200 people at a buffet, and 160 people sitting and tables. Up to 267 people can be seated in cathedral-style row seating.
Mid extensions for 30 foot and 40-foot-wide tents for sale in the UK are available, allowing you to expand the inside space to accommodate more seating, buffet tables, or even entertainment sections such as a stage or dance floor.  The furnishings and equipment you desire within the tent for your next event will determine your specific configuration. 

Sizing a Room Based on the Number of Guests and the Furniture

Regardless of the style of tent you are considering on the day, you may calculate your full sizing requirements using a few simple calculations. This will allow you to choose the most cost-effective tent, whether a little 30-foot-wide party tent or a massive wedding tent measuring 40 x 100 feet.  Tally up the number of guests, furnishings, and accessories, and then compare the amount to your tent’s available floor area.
  • A typical standing-only event or cathedral layout requires 6 sq. ft. of space per person.
  • A cocktail event with standing tables requires 7 sq. ft. of space per person.
  • A buffet dinner with banquet tables requires 8 sq. ft. per person.
  • A traditional dinner layout with large 8′ tables requires 12 sq. ft. per person.
Tables, dance floors, stages, speakers, mixers, DJ booths, and other equipment require different rooms. For particular dimensions, check with vendors or consult your operator’s manual for the equipment you already own. If you’re renting interior equipment and furnishings for your event, the rental provider should be able to give you exact measurements. You don’t want to pack all of your guests into a small tent with limited room to walk around. This has an impact on comfort and can potentially be dangerous. For instance, if you determined that your space requirements were exactly 900 sq. ft., it might be time to upgrade to a 30′ x 40′ tent with 1,200 sq. ft. of floor space The extra space would make a big impact and could help your next event go off without a hitch.

Purchase or Hire a Commercial Event Tent

Whether you rent or buy tents, make as much preparation for the day as possible. Think about the practicality, the comfort of your guests, and the amount of room you’ll need. You’ll be better prepared to make a great impression on every guest if you plan. Tentstyle is a West Sussex-based company that makes custom stretch tents for individuals all around the UK. We have a passion for creating magnificent outdoor events and bespoke installations using our exceptional tents! Contact us right away if you want to rent or buy tents