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The Step-by-Step Process of Setting Up a Wedding Event Tent

For most people, weddings are once in a lifetime events—therefore, everything has to be perfect. For weddings done outdoors, the latest trend includes a venue designed with custom stretch tents that do not only provide protection for the guests but also add drama to the event itself. But for those using an event tent for their wedding, here are the steps in setting up a wedding event tent.

1. Choose the Suitable Tent Type

The tents can vary in size, shape and purpose, so it’s best to choose one that fits the function and location of the event. One of the most popular types of the tent for events is the pole tent. It is a tent made out of poles and fabric and is the perfect selection for outdoor wedding receptions and parties. Pole tents come in different sizes and shapes and can be rectangular, octagonal or round. The second type of tent is the arched tent. This tent is a pole tent with an arched roof and is an ideal selection for an outdoor wedding reception or function because of its unique shape.

2. Hire an Expert to Erect the Tent

Most couples have a limited time to get their wedding ceremony, reception, and festivities done before their guests leave to go back home. Hiring a professional tent company to set up your event tent is the best way to ensure your wedding event goes off without a hitch. Some event tents need to be assembled, and once again, it is better to hire an experienced event tent company over do it yourself. The tent experts you hire should know how to assemble a tent and properly stake it, so it doesn’t fall over in windy weather conditions.

3. Consider Weather Conditions

The weather is an essential factor when choosing a tent for wedding events; hot summer days can be uncomfortably hot when people are inside the tent, and wet spring weather can make it difficult for guests to stay dry. One of the most popular tent types for outdoor events is the tent that provides shade for the guests. Tent companies can give the event tent shade awnings that protect guests from the elements.

4. Organize and Set up the Event Tent

Organising the tent, tables, and chairs for your reception and party can be daunting for most people. Hiring an event tent company to set up the tent for your wedding event before the guests arrive is the best way to ensure your wedding goes off without a hitch. You should consider using an event tent for your wedding to create an outdoor wedding location that you and your guests will never forget. And while planning your wedding, you should learn how to choose the right event tent that will be functional and a perfect fit for the event. If you are planning a wedding and want it to be memorable for your guests, you may want to consider an outdoor wedding under a tent. Tent companies offer a wide selection of tents for weddings to provide the perfect setting for your special day. You do not have to live in fear of the rain clouds that gather or the hot summer sun because your tent offers shade for guests and protection from the elements. When choosing a tent for wedding events, consider the type of events you have planned and the options available when selecting a wedding tent. Tenstyle offers event tent hire services in the UK. We provide custom stretch tents fit for every occasion possible. Allow us to bring your wedding to the next level by helping you erect the tent in your chosen venue today. Check out our website and buy a stretch tent today.