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5 Tips for Using Large Tents for Your Outdoor Event

5 Tips for Using Large Tents for Your Outdoor Event

Outdoor events can be loads of fun and a great way to bring a lot of people together in a relaxing setting. It can be a great scenario for any spectacular occasion, whether you start the event in the morning or at night. Unfortunately, unpredictable weather makes them risky. That’s why events all over the world have tents and marquees at the ready to ensure a satisfying experience for guests. If you’re planning on using them for an event you have coming up, we’ve prepared a list of tips that will help you maximse your rental and make sure everything’s safe and fun.

1. Avoid Overcrowding

Whether you use a tent or a marquee, it’s important to avoid overcrowding. If you’re planning on hosting a dance or party for example, make sure there’s enough room for everyone to have fun and move around. If you’re trying to get people to relax and enjoy themselves, it’s not a good idea to pack them into a tight space as it could be too hot and uncomfortable for people to stay. Overcrowding will also make emergency situations troublesome.

2. Be Cautious of Strong Winds

No one wants to set up their tent or marquee just to have it fly away in the middle of the party. That’s why you should be careful of strong winds on the day of your event. A light breeze is fine, but be cautious of strong winds, especially if you’re in an area that’s prone to thunderstorms. Make sure to monitor your tent and maintain tension at the tent’s top while at the same time making sure the structure is secured. If winds have 35mph gusts at three-second intervals, it’s best to evacuate.

3. Fight Summer Heat with Portable Fans

If you’re planning on having a large outdoor party or event in the summer time, it’s a good idea to invest in a few portable fans. They’ll circulate the air and keep people cool, ensuring that everyone stays happy and comfortable. Consider using wet towels or spray bottles on the fans to create a cool mist as well, which will bring additional relief to everyone.

4. Fight Winter Cold with Sidewalls

Invest in a few sidewalls to help keep everyone warm in the winter time. They’ll block out the cold air and give your guests a little bit of extra room to move around. You can also use sidewalls to create private rooms for VIP guests or other purposes.

5. Learn Safety and Emergency Procedures

If you’re using a marquee or tent for an event, it’s a good idea to have a safety and emergency plan in place. It’s wise to practice them with your team ahead of time and make sure everyone is familiar with what to do in case of an emergency. Consult with your supplier for the best practices.

A Safe and Exciting Event in the Great Outdoors

Tents and marquees are fabulous additions to your event, provided you use them correctly. The outdoors can sometimes be problematic. However, the tips above will help you ensure your event is safe and enjoyable for everyone. Find the perfect stretch tents and marquees to suit your event. We provide a wide selection for sale or hire that will provide you with the necessary shade and shelter to ensure a safe and comfortable outdoor event!