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Explore Our Diverse Range of Stretch Tent Colours

Discover the Perfect Stretch Tent Colours for Your Event

The visual impact of your event space is should be a top priority. By offering a diverse range of stretch tent colours, we allow you to create the perfect ambience for any occasion. Whether you require a classic, elegant feel or a vibrant and eye-catching aesthetic, Tentstyle has the right shade to match your vision.

Classic Choices: Chino & White

When it comes to our stretch tents for hire, chino (beige) and white are our most popular colours. These neutral tones offer timeless elegance and versatility, blending with all manner of environments perfectly.

Chino Stretch Tents

Bringing a sense of warmth and sophistication, chino stretch tents are a favourite for weddings, corporate events, and private parties. The subtle earth tone complements any natural surroundings beautifully, creating a relaxed and inviting vibe.

White Stretch Tents

Offering a crisp and clean look, white stretch tents provide a blank canvas for your event. They’re ideal for occasions where you want the focus to be on your décor, lighting, or branding. With their spacious and airy feel, white tents are perfect for larger gatherings.


Custom Stretch Tents: A World of Colour

While chino and white are excellent choices for rentals, Tentstyle truly shines with our bespoke stretch tents for sale. When you purchase a made-to-order tent, you unlock a large colour spectrum, allowing you to perfectly match your event theme or brand identity.

The Power of Bespoke Colours

Imagine a vibrant red stretch tent for a strawberry-flavoured drink launch, a verdant green for a nature-themed wedding, or a bold multi-coloured tent for a children’s party. With our bespoke options, the possibilities are endless. We can even use the Pantone Matching System to make sure your chosen colour is replicated to a tee.


  • Branded events
  • Themed events
  • Unique venues
  • Long-term installations

Branded Statements: Marketing Powerhouses

For corporate clients, Tentstyle offers an exceptional opportunity to showcase your brand colours. We can directly print your logos and branding onto the stretch tent fabric, transforming it into a powerful marketing tool. This is a fantastic option for:

  • Creating high brand visibility at outdoor events
  • Showcasing your brand at trade shows and exhibitions
  • Highlighting your presence at sporting events and festivals

Beyond Colour

While colour plays a significant role in setting the mood, it’s important to remember that our tents offer so much more. The unique design of our tents allows for all manner of creative configurations, transforming your space into an unforgettable venue in an instant.

Speak to the Colour Experts

Our team is passionate about bringing your vision to life. We can guide you through our colour options, discussing branding possibilities and answering any questions you may have. Contact us today and let’s create the perfect solution for your next event together.